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Film & Inspiration

“Cinema has certain qualities, and it’s the image. Sometimes this image has its own breathing or tempo. It has to linger, and will linger because you want to have more. It is very instinctive. It is very instinctive when you’re shooting the shots in front of this video, the monitor, you know exactly, because sometimes it takes you more than 10 takes or 15 takes… Afterwards, the most enjoyable part is the final weeks. That means you put everything together, the sound, the images and everything to create a film… it’s beyond words… I think one of the reasons you keep making films is because you want to experience that part again and again.”

- Wong Kar Wai 

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Stories We Tell (2012), Sarah Polley

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Director: Sergio Martino

Director of Photography: Giancarlo Ferrando


My Own Private Idaho | 1991 | dir. Gus Van Sant

River Phoenix, who plays the quiet and damaged hustler Mike Waters, keeps this ambiguous, and occasionally messy, drama memorable, and we learn just enough about his character to continue to worry about him even after the credits begin to roll.



Punch Holes | 1969 | dir. George Semsel
Glue | 1969 | dir. George Semsel
Chemicals | 1969 | dir. George Semsel
Paint | 1969 | dir. George Semsel

"On January 1, 1969, a flood in my office-kitchen at Prince of Wales College on Prince Edward Island ruined all of my 16mm raw stock.  When Larry Perron came as a visiting artist, we used this film to generate a series of non-camera experiments."